R Variables

Used to store and manipulate data. Each variable can be decalred with a data type that decribes the values it can hold. You can assign a value to a variable using <- and =

# Using <-
x <- 10

# Using =
y = 5

print(x + y)

Rules for Declaring Variable Names

To declare a variable name correctely here are some rules




Valid Characters

Letters (uppercase and lowercase), digits, underscore

my_variable <- 10


Any length, but only the first 31 characters matter

averageScore, temperature2

Reserved Keywords

Cannot be the same as C keywords

if <- 5 (Invalid)

Case Sensitivity

C is case-sensitive

myVar and myvar are different

Meaningful and Descriptive

Names should convey the purpose of the variable (Not important but recommended)

totalStudents, averageTemperature

Avoid Starting with a Dot

While dots are allowed, avoid starting variable names with a dot.

.variable_name <- 50
(Avoid starting with a dot)

No Spaces

Variable names cannot contain spaces

student_age, total Score (Invalid)

See the example to get a clear view of how the rules works.

# Rule: Start with a Letter
my_variable <- 10

# Rule: Letters, Numbers, Dots, and Underscores
my_variable2 <- 20
user.name <- "John_Doe"

# Rule: Case-Sensitive
myVariable <- 30
myvariable <- 40

# Rule: Reserved Keywords (Invalid Example)
# Uncommenting the line below will result in an error.
# if <- 5

# Rule: Length (Choose meaningful names)
average_height <- mean(heights)
# Avoid excessively long names
# average_height_calculated_from_given_heights <- mean(heights)

# Rule: Avoid Starting with a Dot
.variable_name <- 50
# Avoid starting with a dot
# .invalid_variable <- 60

# Rule: Reserved Variables (Invalid Example)
# Uncommenting the line below will result in an error.
# mean <- 25

Data Type for a variable

We decide a data type for a variable by assign the value
If we assign a value to a variable then it is a Numerical data type
Similarly, we assign a value in " " is a Character data type
if we assign TRUE or Fasle then it's a Logical data type

# Numeric
num_var <- 3.14

# Character
char_var <- "Hello, R!"

# Logical
logical_var <- TRUE

Get to know more about data types in R

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R Variables

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