R Pie Chart

Create's a pie chart using the pie() function.
Syntax pie(values, labels = categories)


# Example data
categories <- c("Category A", "Category B", "Category C", "Category D")
values <- c(30, 20, 15, 35)

# Create a pie chart
pie(values, labels = categories, main = "Pie Chart")

Use of attributes

We can use attributes to make a difference.
  1. main - The main title of the plot.
  2. col - Colors for each sector.
  3. border - Color of the border of each sector.
  4. explode - A vector indicating how much each slice should be offset from the center.
  5. init.angle - Specifies the initial angle of the first slice in a pie chart.


# Customized pie chart
colors <- c("red", "green", "blue", "yellow")
border_color <- "black"
explode <- c(0.1, 0, 0, 0.2)

pie(values, labels = categories, col = colors, init.angle = 90 border = border_color, explode = explode, main = "Customized Pie Chart")
legend("topright", colors, fill = colors)

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R Pie Chart
Use of Attributes

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