R Strings

Used to represent character values. value are kept in between single ('') and double quotes (" ").

# Single quotes
single_quoted_str <- 'This is a string.'

# Double quotes
double_quoted_str <- "This is also a string."

#Multi Line Strings
multiline_str <- "You can 
make a multiline strings.
In single and double quotes"

#making a variable without a variable
'This is also a string.'

Not onle single line yopu can make a string in multiline.
you can make a string without a variable

Combining Strings

We can comine to different striing using paste function.

string1 <- "Hello"
string2 <- "World!"

combined_string <- paste(string1, string2)

String Length

We can comine to different striing using paste function.

string_length <- nchar("Length of the string")

String Manipulation

You can manupulate the string.
You can change the text case of the case
You can trim the whitespaces in the strings

my_string <- "Hello, World!"

my_string <- "Manupulated text"

# To uppercase
upper_case <- toupper(my_string)

# To lowercase
lower_case <- tolower(my_string)

string_with_spaces <- "   Trim this string   "

# Remove leading and trailing whitespaces
trimmed_string <- trimws(string_with_spaces)

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R Strings
String Manipulation

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