HTML Lists

Used to group related pieces of content together and display them in a structured manner. There are three types of lists
  1. Ordered List (<ol>)
  2. Unordered List (<ul>)
  3. Definition List (<dl>)

Ordered List (<ol>)

An ordered list represents a list of items that have a specific order or sequence.
Each item is marked with a number (by default) to indicate its position in the list.
The numbers can be automatically generated by the browser.
To create an ordered list, you use the <ol> element, and each list item is represented by the <li> (list item) element.


  <li>First item</li>
  <li>Second item</li>
  <li>Third item</li>

Unordered List (<ul>)

An unordered list represents a collection of items that don't have any specific order or sequence.
Each item is typically marked with a bullet point (disc symbol) by default, but you can customize the appearance using CSS.
To create an unordered list, you use the <ul> element, and each list item is represented by the <li> element.



Definition List (<dl>)

A definition list is used to define terms along with their corresponding descriptions. Each term is represented by the <dt> (definition term) element, and each description is represented by the <dd> (definition description) element.


  <dd>HyperText Markup Language</dd>
  <dd>Cascading Style Sheets</dd>

HTML List Elements

Element name



Represents an ordered list of items with a specific sequence


Represents an unordered list of items without any specific sequence


Represents an individual item within a list


Represents a list of terms and their corresponding descriptions


Represents a term being defined in a definition list


Represents the description of a term in a definition list

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