Minifier Library
  1. Minifier is a JS library code developed by BMR ONLINE TOOLS
  2. Used in minifying of code data
  3. With this library you can minify HTML, CSS, JS and JSON codes a total of 4 algorithms
  4. Additionally you can minify normat text data where multiple while spaces are removed
  5. You can download and use it in your applications for free
Library features
  • Refer, Download and use the Minifier library
  • Implement in your applications with our libraies using link or by downloading
  • Secured Code library
  • No storing of input data in our servers in any way
  • Privacy of users is most important and we implement in all of our tools and libraries we provide
  • Pre build tools to try before use
  • Available for free
Library Using JS

Library Using JS

  1. Language: JS
  2. Used for: Minifier
  3. Developer: BMR ONLINE TOOLS
  4. Total algorithms: 4
  5. Version: 3
  6. Model: 0.5.1
  7. Available in: Orginal JS
  8. Original (JS):


Try before your implement - BMR ONLINE TOOLS

Try our Minifier tools now from online tools before you implement using our library

This will give you a idea of Minifier tools and its information, algorithms, usage and more

Click on the below button and head directly to our Minifier tools

Minifier Tools

Available Algorithms (4)

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JS
  4. JSON


Check different code snippet examples of implementing a Minifier with the JS library.
In this library there a total of 4 Minifier algorithms.
Refer some of the Minifier algorithm function used in the example snippets.
Easy to use and implement in your application

Snippet 1
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3