CSS Text

Text can be modified using css by applied different styles to it. Lets get into the stles and properties used.

Text Color Properties

We use color and background-color to modify the text.
  1. color: Sets the color of the text.
  2. background-color: Defines the background color behind the text.

Text alignment Properties

We use text-align to modify the position of text.
It has four values todefine the position
  1. center: Sets the text position in center.
  2. left: Sets the text position in left(default).
  3. right: Sets the text position in right.
  4. justify: Gives equal width for each line to the text.

Text Decoration Properties

We use text-decoration to modify the decoration of text.
Adds decorations like underline, overline, line-through, and blink to text.

Text Transform, Spacing, and Indentation Properties

  1. text-transform: Converts the text to uppercase, lowercase, or capitalized.
  2. letter-spacing: Adjusts the spacing between characters.
  3. word-spacing: Sets the spacing between words.
  4. text-indent: Indents the first line of a text block.

Text Direction Properties

We use direction to modify the direction of the text to show
  1. ltl: Sets the direction from left to right (default).
  2. rtl: Sets the direction from right to left (default).



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